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My name is Ricardo Pascal, I'm a developer and sysadmin who lives in Florianopolis/Brazil. I enjoy work with projects related to Linux, Python, Science, Web, Django and Network.



I was watching the syfy show Helix and catch myself thinking about how would look a research facility...

Small post showing how to use generic relations between django models.

Caros, teremos agora no final de Fevereiro o "III Encontro de Física e Astronomia da UFSC", sendo que...

A new Jurassic park? It give me mixed feelings!

Vaga para Analista Programador Back-End (Python+Django+Linux) Empresa: Borayu Local de trabalho: Florianópolis...

Have you ever said, "Evolution is just a theory" ? Don't. Here's why: http://www.fromquarkstoquasars.com...

"I've seen countless science fiction movies and documentaries about the future of humanity. Nothing ...

it's a fun hobby

Matéria bacana que aponta floripa como a melhor capital para se empreender no brasil.

Axado está com vaga aberta para desenvolvedor Python & Django.

A common use of web applications has been serving files, django is capable of that, but is usually not...

A common use of web applications has been serving files, django is capable of that, but is usually not...

For the first time since I became a Ubuntu user, I'm considering not update my system to a new release...

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