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My name is Ricardo Pascal, I'm a developer and sysadmin who lives in Florianopolis/Brazil. I enjoy work with projects related to Linux, Python, Science, Web, Django and Network.


Vaga de emprego para programador python na lett.com.br O serviço que eles oferecem parece interessante...

"The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon", it's number one in my top 10 worst...

Challenge accepted! One per night til the end of year ( minus weekends ) 

TIL: genotoxicity  is not a made up word

+Detectify  i have to say, well done Sirs ! " tl;dr: We uploaded a malicious XML to one of Google’s...

A drug used to treat Cytomegalovirus infections can increase almost four times the survive rate of people...

Physics FTW!

Just to clarify! 

It seems that Brazil actually "chose" the best.

Good tips for dev teams.

it's like our entire body is a baby's soft spot!

Next time I will try with a lighter battery ( < 330g ) 

Testing my F330 with multiwii crius

Anyone here who owns a LG 29" 29EA73 know if the full resolution(2560x1080) can be achieved in Ubuntu...

Particularly, I think(as audience) that less slides and more whiteboard is better than no slides.

It would be awesome have something like that in multiwii. #quadrotor

LMFAO!  This is sooooo true! #ComputerNerdProblems  

Good news everyone! Galaxy note 10.1 (n8000) will be updated to android 4.4 http://www.samsungmobi...

In Brazil, cops don't put people in jail. They prefer to beat you in hope to scare you away.

Have you ever wondered how much time you could save by using a 24 cores server to do a #blast that is...

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