Welcome to my homepage

About my work

Hello visitor, my name is Ricardo Pascal; I'm a bioinformatics/data/software engineer helping biotech startups make sense of biological data at scale. I also enable scientists to accomplish work in the field of genomics with tailored software solutions for dry&wet labs.

Most of my projects are built with Python, for web applications I use Django, and when having fun with APIs I use django-rest-framework. All my public code is hosted at github, and whenever possible, I try to make things accessible through docker containers.

Not so work related

I'm a Brazilian living in Copenhagen, usually I hide during the winter and explore fishing spots in the other seasons. I sometimes tweet and write articles/notes, but I'm not very consistent at it.

My tech stack when I need to...

build a pipeline: python, pandas, biopython, scikit-bio, boto3, docker

build a web application: django, bootstrap

build an API: django-rest-framework

have a database: postgresql, sqlite

host stuff: aws, digital ocean, ubuntu